May 3 - His presence is everything.

The Lords presence is constant, therefore our awareness of his presence should be constant. More than anything, I believe that The Father desires a relationship with us. He desires to be involved in every area of our life. The hard times, the good times, and the in-between times. Without acknowledging his constant presence in every moment of every day, we fall short of that relationship. And without a relationship, we fall short of seeing the fullness of his work in our lives.

All too often I find myself focusing on my lack of a relationship with God. I feel guilty because I don't spend enough time in prayer, reading my bible, or go to church enough. I basically measure his presence by how much effort I put into having a relationship with him rather than just knowing without a doubt that his presence is already and is ALWAYS there. We don't have to put work into asking him to be with us. We don't have to pray for his presence to come or read the Bible for a certain amount of time in order to earn time with him. His spirit is already with us, ALL THE TIME!! Nothing we do or don't do is going to make his presence abandon us. It is so important in our walk with him that we know this! The amount of blessings that we see and how much we grow in our relationship with him totally depends on us. WE HAVE TO MAKE THE CHOICE to remain aware of him and acknowledge his goodness.

So open up your spirit to his presence and see all of his glorious blessings that he has already given you!! His presence is everything! 

Stay blessed and UNHINDERED!