May 1 - Restart

Wow! It has been THREE MONTHS since I last posted something! My apologies to those of you who follow my blog and expect to come here and find some good reads and daily encouragement.

Life took a toll on me!

It all started the day I found mice poop in my downstairs bathroom. Our mouse problem turned into an electrical problem that left us without power and wifi for almost a week! Having no wifi meant I had no access to an internet connection which meant no access to my blog... 

Prior to the power going out I was already struggling with a little bit of guilt because ever since I had started doing daily blog posts, I wasn't going to bed at the same time as my husband and kids so I started feeling a tad bit neglectful. So, I took that week without power as God's way of allowing me to spend more time with my family and it was a blessing. Well, once we finally got our power back on, a crazy storm hit that was a combination of powerful winds and rain. Trees were falling and power lines were going down all over town! We ended up without power for another three days!

By this time, a couple of weeks had gone by and I hadn't posted any blogs so I thought I'd just take a break for the rest of February and I planned on starting again on March 1st. Well… the baby decided to come that day and the rest is history!

Now, aside from being consumed by diapers and breast feeding there's the usual running around for the older kids and school stuff, everlasting laundry and dishes, doctor appointments, etc. Then to top it all off, we've had birthday parties to attend (out of town may I add) , deaths to mourn (and celebrate!), baptisms to participate in. I am  seriously wiped out as I lay in bed writing this and thinking about all that we have been doing in the past couple months. I'm almost too tired to finish this post but I committed to doing it today and I am going to no matter what! 

So enough with all of the ranting!

The whole purpose of me going on and on about all of that is to get you all caught up on where I have been the past few months but also to show you just how much the enemy stops at nothing to keep us from where the Lord wants us. He wants to keep us busy and distracted so that we aren't able to do the lords work. Did you notice I didn't mention a single thing about praying, reading my bible, journaling, church, or anything like it?! That's because I have not had much time at all for any of it! I can hardly find the time to eat or catch up on some sleep! It's one of those times in life where I feel like time is definitely NOT on my side. But praise the Lord, he is! This post is proof that nothing can permanently keep us down! There is always hope in the good good father!

All the while, I have missed my blog so much! I miss the satisfaction that I get from doing the Lord's work. I miss finding encouragement through encouraging others. And I just miss doing something I can feel proud of at the end of the day! I honestly almost gave up on my blog completely because I had no idea where to start after so much time had gone by. I felt pretty discouraged… but, thanks to a couple of you who have encouraged me, prayed for me, and been there to lift me up along the way, I was reminded of this important duty I have to fulfill. I was reminded that God brought me here to be a vessel for HIS purpose and HIS glory. To be a vessel for others who want to know Christ. If I'm not being obedient to that calling and sitting down at my computer to write, how is he going to use my blog to reach those who are in need of encouragement? I was reminded once again, that it's okay to take a break and it's okay to restart!

So, here I am! First post in months! I'm a little nervous as it feels like I'm starting all over again from the beginning. But for the most part, I'm so happy and excited to share life with you all again! Will you do me a favor and please pray with me? Pray that I can find a more comfortable balance to juggle my day to day tasks efficiently, continue to write and post blogs, and most importantly, always find the time to put Jesus first. Thanks my friends! Until next time, good night! Stay blessed and UNHINDERED!