Free to Be Childlike

I was watching my daughter today as she was doing the silliest dance while wearing the goofiest outfit. She had the biggest smile on her face as she giggled at her own silliness. I thought to myself how amazing it is that she is so comfortable in her own skin with her two front teeth missing and all! I vaguely remember being her age and having that kind of confidence. I used to sing made up songs, make dance routines with my cousins to perform for our parents, and play piano for a group of people when they'd come over for gatherings.  I miss those days of being carefree and not even knowing what it's like to care what other people think. I love that boldness that children have. Before bad experiences introduce us to fear, we all have that childlike confidence within us. I believe that's the way we were designed to be, even as adults. God doesn't intend for us to be hindered by fear or worrying about what anyone thinks! As his children we are called to boldness as we live our lives for his glory and purpose. Therefore, we should never be uncomfortable  with being free-spirited and full of goofy joy as long as we remain in him. It is his desire for us to be transparent in our faith and it pleases him to see us live in freedom and boldness because our confidence is in him. This is true for us not only in our normal day-to-day life, but especially in our walk with Christ. This means that our works, worship, prayer, trust, obedience, encouragement, and everything else that we do unto the Lord is meant to be done with childlike innocence. Fully confident in who we are, just as we are, as we live for him who sets us free! Stay blessed and unhindered!