Cease Opportunity!

If you have kids you can probably relate to those times where they turn down the perfect opportunity to go potty and then at the most inconvenient time, like in the middle of dinner or while shopping at Target, all of a sudden they have to go so bad that they can't even hold it. An incident similar to this happened to us today. We went out to an all-you-can-eat place that is a little on the pricey side. My daughter only ate a little and insisted she was full. Then on the drive home we hear, "I'm so hungry. I can't wait 'til we get home!" By "I can't wait", she didn't mean she's excited to get home and eat. She meant I must eat now or I will starve to death! [insert eye rolling emoji here] Of course we knew she could wait and of course we made her do exactly that. But, how annoying right? It drives me absolutely bananas when she pulls stuff like that. If they would only listen when we tell them to change to a more comfy pair of shoes before going someplace where a lot of walking is involved. Instead they insist that they will be fine, only to find their poor little feet hurting once they're doing all that walking.

Now, think about yourself as an adult. In what ways do you do this very same thing when it comes to ceasing opportunities that God presents to you? I can think of so many of them. Maybe it's an opportunity to pray for someone, but you didn't feel comfortable enough to do it right then. Or perhaps you had an opportunity to show kindness, tell the truth, ask for forgiveness, not yell at your kids, give financially to someone in need; the list goes on and on.

When I think about myself in regards to this, I can say that I am guilty of not jumping on those opportunities. I ask God all the time to help me be the woman that he created me to be. I ask for him to make me more like him as I know that this is his desire for me. I pray for chances like the one's mentioned above but more often than not, when those opportunities are presented to me, I don't act on them.

With God, when he gives us those opportunities, he expects us to act on them in that moment. When we don't, we miss our chance to glorify him with our obedience to his spirit's leading. We also miss the chance to be a blessing to someone else who God knows needs it right then. As Christians we are called to be Christ-like and in being Christ-like we must cease to trust in every opportunity that the Lord gives us to do good works for the kingdom. So cease those moments, because those very moments are why you are here! Stay blessed and unhindered!