Don't forget to say "Thank you" to your kids.

In the midst of life's chaos, do you ever forget to praise your kids for something good they did? I often get too used to routines and normalcy that I fail to pay close attention to opportunities where I can, or for better words, SHOULD lift my kids' spirits up. My daughter is at that age where it's become a normal, everyday thing to ask her for favors; "Go get this, go get that, do this, and do that". It's usually small things that a 6-year-old can handle like wiping down the dining table and counter tops, sorting socks, feeding the dog, or vacuuming. I have to admit that my lazy pregnant butt frequently asks her to fetch things for me which usually means she has to run up or down the stairs more than she probably wants to. My 15-year-old son on the other hand, who I should mention is actually my step-son (because it's relevant), is only with us half of the week. When he's home, we have him do bigger chores like take out all of the garbages and clean up the dog poo in the backyard. He gets the things that in my opinion are harder than what I ask of Babba on a day-to-day basis. Last night, I was up late writing and I was so tired by the time I went to bed that I completely spaced and left the dog's crate door open. In the middle of the night I heard his dog tags jingling around and that was when I realized he was on the loose. He's house trained but there have been a few times where we let him run free all night and he went potty by the sliding door and/or got into the snacks and ate sweets (sweets are his fave!) Anyway, the point I'm getting at is, last night I was worried that our dog would be naughty while he was on the loose so I started getting out of bed to lock him up but my husband intervened and made my son wake up and do it. My son got out of bed without even a hint of fuss, did what was asked of him (he even took it upon himself to let the dog outside before he locked him up), and went back to bed. I thanked him as he was walking back to his room as I felt so grateful for him doing that when I was the one who left the dog out. Well God used that opportunity to let me know that I tend to have more grace toward my son than my daughter, partly because the tasks he does are harder, but also because he's not with us every day so I think I subconsciously try to make up for the time he's at his mom's. I realized that I take my daughter's hard work for granted and I don't thank her enough. She may just be doing small tasks but she's a small person and it is probably a lot for her! Don't forget to take every opportunity you have to thank your kids for all that they do. They may be kids but they deserve appreciation and praise for their hard work just as much as we do. Stay blessed and unhindered!